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Tesla Model 3/Y Cabin Air Filter on Everyman Driver

The TEMAI dedicated Model 3/Y N98 air conditioning filter has a state-of-the-art honeycomb mesh design. This creates less wind resistance giving a N98 HEPA filtration level and tighter seal. SEE INSTALL VIDEO BELOW.

The TEMAI PM2.5 filter efficiently purifies harmful gases, odors, and reduces the growth of bacteria, leaving the fresh air in the car.

Cleansing Features

  • Four-layer Filtration
  • N98 and HEPA Filter Levels
  • Heavy-duty Absorption Levels
  • Eliminates Bacteria
  • Durable

Wind Resistance and Ventilation Throughput

Because the TEMAI filter has such low wind resistance, ventilation efficiency increases by 90%

The Four Layered Filter

A four layered filter element is more efficient than other competing filters on the market. TEMAI’s filter can successfully achieve N98 levels. The filter also adds a blue sterilization layer which effectively neutralizes bacteria.

With the addition of the PM2.5 HEPA 11 layer of the filter, the driver and family remain safe against respiratory diseases caused by air pollution.

Dust Filter Layer

This fine mesh layer filters out dirt, dust, and insects. Preventing the initial intrusion of foreign objects into the vehicle.

Honeycomb Carbon Composite Layer

This sticky and high-quality coal-like activated carbon layer removes harmful substances such as formaldehyde, TVOC, and smells within the vehicle.

HEPA Filter Layer

This layer effectively filters out pollen, smoke, dust mites, and mold.

Anti-bacterial Barrier Layer

This layer sterilizes anything that may have made it through the other three layers. This layer protects your family’s health as a last precaution.

Purifying Abilities

  • Removes Formaldehyde
  • Removes Toluene
  • Removes Haze
  • Removes Pet Odor
  • Removes Second-hand Smoke
  • Removes Bacteria

After thorough testing of wind resistance, results show that the air output of the TEMAI air filter is far superior to the stock Model 3/Y air filter.

With the original filter element installed, the wind resistance is detected at 1.0234bft

In the same indoor environment, the wind resistance detected from the TEMAI filter is 1.946. The wind force from the vent is a stronger and cleaner air, almost doubling the output.

The PM2.5 filtering reaches 98.4% and has no odor.

After replacing the filter with the TEMAI brand and measuring the air quality, the formaldehyde and TVOC concentration in the car are both <0.01mg/m³, which is far below the standard of 0.08mg/m³. This lower level protects pregnant women, children and avoids exacerbation of respiratory problems.

High-end Precision Craftsmanship

The size of the TEMAI filter is the exact same as the original air conditioner filter element. The TEMAI filter is customized for the Model 3/Y, is easy to install, and is as simple as removing the old filter and replacing it directly.

Not only does the filter improve the air quality in the car, but also cleans up odorous dirt and grime which could have a lasting impact on the vehicle.

The Honeycomb Sticky Carbon Conformity Net

The honeycomb purification system reinforces the strength of the filter screen.
The incorporation of non-deformable activated carbon is evenly distributed throughout the honeycomb screen. Covering all 360 degrees of total airflow passing through, the activated carbon increases the absorption strength of harmful air pollutants, and odors. The uniform distribution of the activated carbon also increases the amount of space available to filter the air.

High-quality Coal Columnar Activated Carbon

Using incorporated activated carbon particles for physical absorption, and chemical decomposition, the efficiency of the TEMAI carbon filter element is 5 times greater than that of an ordinary filter.

HEPA 11 Class Filter

The HEPA 11 filter screen is a high-density pleated filter paper. It has a dense, intertwined design which effectively reduces wind resistance, and increase air intake at the same time. The more it is used, the drier it becomes, which prevents moisture and mold. The absorption capacity of PM2.5 particles is as high as 98.4%. This is more effective in filtering dust, pollen, particles, hair, and secondhand smoke.

Blue Sterilization Layer

The TEMAI filter element has a separate blue sterilization layer. This layer has a 99.04% elimination rate of coliform bacteria. At the same time, it is anti-corrosion, anti-drying, antibacterial, deodorizing, and sterilizing.

Padded and Tight Sealing Ring

The TEMAI filter element is equipped with a sponge sealing ring. This ring has excellent sealing capabilities. Having a tight seal prevents shifting of the filter element while simultaneously protecting unfiltered air entry and filtered air exit.

A hard frame surrounds the edge of the filter. This frame also has a tight fit to the filter which blocks filter air leakage and the intrusion of unfiltered air. The frame also avoids deformation of the filter during installation if excessive force is used. 

Easy Installation Ribbon Handle

Ribbon portable for easy installation
The corners of the filter element have a ribbon handle which allows for convenient carrying, hanging, and to aid in replacing the filter. This ribbon makes removing an old filter element quick and easy.

The TEMAI filter element surpasses all benchmarks for filtration, sterilization, air output and quality clean air that will keep the riders safe and healthy for every trip.

No more worrying about unforeseen ailments in the air, the TEMAI filter will allow you focus on driving while having peace of mind about the fresh air you breathe in.

In the box

2x air filters
1x t20 torx driver 
1x removal tool
1x Installation instruction 

Noted: The t20 torx driver is used for Model 3. Tesla Model Y uses a standard 6mm hex nut.

Tech specs

Product nameModel 3/Y HEPA Activated N98 Grade Carbon PM2.5 Air Conditioning Filter
Product numberTM3-M03
Activated carbon
Bacterial cotton
Specification2 pieces
FeaturesRemove formaldehyde
Product weight475 gram
Product size9.6×5.6×1.18 inches
245x143x30 mm
CompatibilityModel 3 and Model Y


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