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Hello 2021 Tesla Model Y on Everyman Driver

The 2021 Model Y is the latest offering from EV automaker Tesla. This SUV slots below the larger Model X in the company’s lineup and shares much with the Model 3 sedan, including a similar design both inside and out. Currently, the Model Y is available in two trim levels with an all-electric EPA-estimated range of up to 316 miles. And although the Model Y was just introduced for 2020, Tesla has historically offered rolling updates (both major and minor) to its vehicles, so that figure could change at any time.

The Model Y packs some of the most advanced driver aids available in any vehicle, though some promised features such as Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability can be purchased but aren’t yet available to use. Tesla offers the Model Y with seating for up to seven, making it one of the smallest three-row SUVs around. And access to Tesla’s widespread Supercharger network should help relieve range anxiety for many shoppers.

  • $53,000 (estimated)

Release Date

  • January 2021

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