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2024 Volkswagen Golf R (Videos) Review on Everyman Driver

The Volkswagen Golf R stands as the pinnacle of performance within the VW lineup, akin to a VW Golf GTI with an extra dose of power. However, this turbocharged hot hatchback isn’t just about delivering a thrilling ride; it also excels as an excellent choice for daily driving, offering a premium, spacious interior and ample cargo capacity. In an era where high-horsepower, high-performance hatchbacks are becoming increasingly rare, the 2024 VW Golf R faces off against just two primary rivals: the Honda Civic Type R and the Acura Integra Type S. All three contenders pack turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines producing a robust 315 horsepower.

Nevertheless, the all-wheel-drive Golf R easily outpaces its front-wheel-drive competitors, the Honda and Acura, thanks to its superior traction. When it comes to tackling winding roads, the Golf R is an absolute delight, providing impeccable grip, precise steering, and robust brakes. While it might not match the razor-sharp agility of the track-focused Civic Type R, the Golf R compensates with refinement, offering a smoother ride and a quieter cabin. Furthermore, the Golf R offers the flexibility of a manual gearbox or a quick-shifting automatic, whereas both the Honda and Acura come exclusively with a manual transmission.

The Golf R exudes an understated, sophisticated charm without resorting to ostentatious wings and scoops in its exterior design. Inside, its comfortable cabin maintains an air of civility, featuring a sizable touchscreen, perforated Nappa leather, and heated seats in both the front and rear. Among the high-performance hatchbacks available, the 2024 Volkswagen Golf R stands out as the most refined. Its exterior design is subtle, eschewing the boy racer aesthetic for a more sophisticated appeal. It lets its impressive zero-to-60-mph performance, all-wheel-drive system, and adaptive suspension speak for themselves, exuding a sense of elegance. When it comes to the daily commute, the Golf R offers a touch more refinement than the Acura Integra Type S and significantly less road-going commotion than the more aggressively styled Honda Civic Type R.

In terms of updates for the current year, the Volkswagen Golf R sees two minor changes: the inclusion of power-folding exterior mirrors as standard and the introduction of a new 19-inch wheel design. In summary, the 2024 VW Golf R is an exhilarating hot hatch that successfully melds remarkable performance with everyday comfort and practicality.

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