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2025 Volkswagen ID.7 (Videos) on Everyman Driver

In 2025, Volkswagen is set to unveil the brand-new ID.7, an electric sport sedan poised to take the place of the VW Arteon in the automaker’s vehicle lineup. This midsize five-seat sedan will share its platform with the midsize ID.4 electric crossover, which made its debut in the United States in 2021. Expected to hit the market in early 2025, the ID.7 follows the highly anticipated release of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz, an updated electric version of the iconic VW microbus, scheduled for the preceding year.

While pricing details for the ID.7 are still under wraps, it’s worth noting that the Arteon started at $44,000, and the long-range ID.4 currently begins at just over $45,000. Given the ID.7’s positioning as a more upscale midsize car, it’s anticipated to carry an even higher starting price.

Initially, the ID.7 will be manufactured in Germany, which means it won’t be eligible for the federal clean vehicle tax credit. However, since Volkswagen is already producing the ID.4 in the United States, there’s a possibility that a future iteration of the ID.7 could also be assembled in the U.S.

Volkswagen aims to achieve a driving range of over 300 miles with the ID.7, leveraging the sedan’s sleek and aerodynamic design. The initial version will feature a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive powertrain, delivering 282 horsepower, surpassing the power output of its likely competitors. The closest contender, the BMW i4 eDrive35, offers 281 horsepower, placing the ID.7 in a competitive position.

Reports suggest that the U.S. version of the ID.7 will be equipped with the same 86-kWh battery pack (with 77 kWh usable capacity) as the ID.4 and the upcoming ID.Buzz. European markets will receive a version with a larger 91-kWh battery (86 kWh usable capacity), and it is plausible that Volkswagen may eventually introduce this extended-range battery to the U.S. market.

Furthermore, Volkswagen has hinted at a high-performance GTX version of the ID.7, and it is expected that the standard version will eventually be available in both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive variants, similar to the ID.4 and its competitors.

The ID.7 will introduce several new features for Volkswagen, including an electric drive unit, an updated infotainment display and operating system, as well as a high-efficiency air-conditioning system.

Sedans have become less common among automakers in the U.S. market, and electric sedans are even rarer, making the ID.7 relatively unique in its segment. Among midsize premium electric sedans in a similar price range, it may compete with the Hyundai Ioniq 6, lower trim levels of the BMW i4 sedan, and the Tesla Model 3. Some trim levels of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, a crossover with sedan-like styling characteristics, may also be considered competitors.

Early reports suggest that the ID.7 could offer an advantage in terms of interior space, potentially making it the roomiest option among its peers. Measuring 195.3 inches in length, it outpaces its competitors, falling just 0.75 inches short of the ID.Buzz van’s length. The ID.7 also boasts a longer wheelbase, indicating greater cabin legroom, compared to most likely competitors, with the Ford Mustang Mach-E being the exception, slightly surpassing the VW electric sport sedan’s wheelbase by a mere half an inch at 117.5 inches.

While the 2025 Volkswagen ID.7 may not claim the top spot in every category, it holds its own across the board. Although it doesn’t boast the longest range (a title held by the Hyundai Ioniq 6) or the fastest charging time (led by the Ioniq 6 and Tesla Model 3), it stands out as the swiftest on paper among likely competitors. Additionally, its updated user interface and advanced driver and safety systems seem to be at least on par with the rest, and its interior space may prove to be the most generous. Styling is subjective, but the ID.7’s exterior design appears to be a strong contender, with the Ioniq 6 as a close second. As for the interior, it remains to be seen until test drives can provide a verdict, but it would need to outshine the BMW i4 to secure the top spot in that category.

Pending further evaluation during our future test drives, the 2025 ID.7 seems poised to earn a place on any shopper’s comparison list of premium midsize electric sedans, offering a well-rounded package across various aspects.

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