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2024 Kia K5 is a Midsize Value on Everyman Driver

In 2021, the Kia K5 emerged as the successor to the Optima, a midsize sedan known for its sleek design and excellent value proposition. The K5 faced the formidable task of filling the shoes of its predecessor, and it did so remarkably well. With its striking exterior aesthetics and impressive performance, the K5 quickly stood out in a segment that often leaned toward the mundane.

The 2024 K5 retains all the qualities that made it a standout, including its competitive pricing, sporty visual appeal, and the unique offering of all-wheel drive, a rarity in this category. Factor in the generous trunk space and roomy seating, and you have a winning combination. Admittedly, the absence of a hybrid powertrain option puts it at a disadvantage compared to the more fuel-efficient offerings from Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota.

Nevertheless, the 2024 K5 continues to hold the title as our favorite in this class. It manages to meet and exceed the expectations of a midsize sedan in various aspects. If there were a hybrid version in the lineup, it might very well be unrivaled.

As we look ahead to 2024, the K5 returns with only a minor modification: heated seats are now a standard feature in the GT-Line trim. Despite this subtle change, we find ourselves content with the K5’s existing formula, for it’s already a top contender in its class, even when compared to the recently revamped Honda Accord.

Regarding changes for 2024, the Kia K5 largely stays true to its 2023 counterpart, with the introduction of heated front seats as a standard feature in the GT-Line trim being the most notable update. This subtle enhancement further solidifies the K5’s appeal, making it an even more enticing choice in the midsize sedan segment.

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