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Free Your Car (and Your Mind) from Clutter on Everyman Driver


A car littered with trash creates anxiety and unwanted odors. Clear the mess and make your car a happy space with Haussimple’s auto trash bin! Small enough to go unnoticed, this trash container measures 7.4 x 7.2 in. making a large difference in how your car looks and feels. Put an end to candy wrappers stuffed into cup holders, receipts floating around your cabin space, or soda rolling under your feet.

No-Tip Technology

Confidently take sharp turns and make quick stops, without worrying about your car trash bin tipping over. This Haussimple vehicle garbage bin is designed to stay upright, even during sudden movements or when placed on an angle. Your small car trash bag holder features:

Weighted straps to stabilize your bin

  • Hook-and-loop fasteners to hold it in place
  • Strong spikes that embed into carpet’s fibers for extra hold

    From top to bottom, Haussimple keeps your car garbage can in place so you can keep your eyes and mind on the road.

    From Dirty to Fresh in 1 Simple Step

    This vehicle garbage container not only eliminates clutter, but comes with all you need to get started, including an ebook of its many benefits plus 20 drawstring trash bags that:
  • Smell fresh thanks to their lemon scent
  • Resist tearing with 20-micron thickness
  • Save space because you can store them in the bottom of the can

The Road to a Clean Can

But even with the extra vehicle garbage bags, your trash may still grow icky over time. That’s why your car trash can is easy to clean! Simply rinse it with some water and mild dish soap or wipe it down with a cleaning wipe and voila! It even boasts scratch-resistant plastic, ensuring that with a little care, your trash bin stays spiffy.

Why wait? Clean your car of clutter TODAY! But it here.

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