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How Much Does A Tesla Cost and Maintain on Everyman Driver

Tesla Model 3 Reveal on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson

The Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla for 2020, with a purchase price of just $37,990 and a driving range of 250 miles.

The new Tesla Roadster, when it goes on sale, will be the most expensive new Tesla with an estimated purchase price of around $200,000. Currently, though, the Model X Performance is the most expensive Tesla on sale, with a purchase price of $99,990.

According to Edmunds, the national average for the cost of electricity (as of 2019) is 12.7 cents. But that number varies wildly from state to state, as well as region, and even time of day. Edmunds notes that charging a 2018 Tesla Model 3 in Southern California, with a rate of 26 kWh per 100 miles, could cost just $1.56 for 50 miles of range at the most affordable time of day. But those rates are entirely inconsistent.

Tesla maintenance costs are relatively low. Total five-year cost is approximately $1,490, including things like tire rotation, A/C replacement, and full service with brake flush over that period of time. Dividing the total cost by five indicates that people might spend about $298 per year on average to maintain their Teslas. These costs can also be different by model – a Tesla Model 3 maintenance plan cost might be less than a Model S, for example.

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