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2023 BMW 2 Series Video and Review on Everyman Driver

In 2023, the BMW 2 Series coupe enters the scene with an all-new curved display for its instrument panel and infotainment screen. Meanwhile, the 2 Series Gran Coupe remains unchanged. The lineup for 2023 consists of two distinct BMW 2 Series models. The coupe underwent a redesign last year, while the Gran Coupe made its debut in 2020. It’s important to note that the Gran Coupe isn’t a traditional two-door coupe; instead, it’s a four-door sedan featuring a sleek “coupe-like” roofline. The Gran Coupe shares its platform with sister company Mini, but it embodies the essence of BMW in terms of its appearance, performance, and execution.

Both iterations of the 2 Series start at just under $40,000, offering a price point lower than the BMW 3 Series and 4 Series by a few thousand dollars. Despite its entry-level status, the 2 Series maintains the BMW brand’s essence as effectively as its pricier counterparts. The base engines provide more than ample power, while the top-tier M240i can only be described as exhilarating. Across the lineup, performance shines with agile handling, precise steering, and confident braking.

In the world of entry-level luxury coupes and sedans, the BMW 2 Series takes on the role of the athlete. Its overall performance is bound to attract drivers seeking excitement, even if it means trading a smoother ride for sharper handling. On the other hand, the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class places greater emphasis on comfort and interior refinement, though it still delivers an engaging driving experience. The recently redesigned Audi A3, also from last year, finds a middle ground between BMW and Mercedes in terms of performance and character. In 2023, the BMW 2 Series coupe may be compact, but it’s armed with remarkable power. It offers compelling performance and a sophisticated interior, all while keeping affordability in mind.

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