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Is the 2021 Toyota Mirai the Future on Everyman Driver

The Mirai is a production hydrogen powered vehicle from Toyota. The new 2021 Toyota Mirai is the second generation of this fuel cell sedan, with a major step forward in design and drivability. On the outside you will find body lines that closely resemble a Lexus sedan. Under the hood you have an electric motor that helps produce 192 horsepower with a direct one-speed drive transmission. Power is delivered to a new rear wheel drive platform. On the inside you are greeted to a new 12.3in infotainment system, and high end materials. In the car industry with brands like Tesla pushing for pure EV, is hydrogen the power source of the future? Is the new 2021 Toyota Mirai the car of the future? Joe Raiti takes a closer look.

Edmunds says: The 2021 Toyota Mirai is an electric car for a small audience. Stations that supply its hydrogen fuel are limited in number and largely unavailable outside of California’s urban centers. But the redesigned car is pleasant and attractive, and its green cred is untouchable. Plus, you get to thumb your nose at Tesla drivers having to plug in and wait for their cars to charge.

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