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The Best 2020 Cars, SUVs, and Trucks (Domestic Brands)

These are the highest-scoring models from domestic brands in Consumer Reports’ ratings.

There are many ways to sort and filter Consumer Reports’ ratings to find the best vehicle in a given category or price range. CR is often asked which new vehicles from traditional U.S. brands get the highest scores.

To answer that question, CR compiled a list of the best American cars, SUVs, and trucks based on CR’s Overall Score, which factors in road tests, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. To be clear, these are from American brands, but many of them aren’t built in the U.S., and not all models here meet the qualifications to be CR recommended. 

Below are the highest-scoring American branded vehicle for each of the 18 categories CR tests, from compact electric car to minivan to large, luxury SUV. (With the shift in demand toward SUVs, small American cars are nearly extinct. CR omitted the remaining subcompact because its score was so low it was out of place on this list.)

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