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Pros and Cons: 2023 Toyota GR Supra on Everyman Driver

The 2023 Toyota GR Supra has garnered significant attention among automotive enthusiasts, thanks to its striking design and impressive performance. As with any car, the GR Supra comes with its own set of pros and cons. Today I delve into the advantages and disadvantages of the 2023 Toyota GR Supra, providing you with a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision.


  1. Exhilarating Performance: The 2023 Toyota GR Supra excels in the performance department. Powered by a turbocharged inline-six engine, it delivers impressive horsepower and torque, resulting in exhilarating acceleration and a thrilling driving experience. The Supra’s rear-wheel-drive setup and well-tuned suspension further enhance its agility and handling, making it a joy to drive on both the streets and the track.
  2. Striking Design: The GR Supra boasts a head-turning design that demands attention wherever it goes. With its low stance, sculpted lines, and aggressive styling cues, it exudes a sense of athleticism and captures the spirit of a true sports car. The Supra’s aerodynamic profile and distinctive rear end further enhance its visual appeal, making it stand out from the crowd.
  3. Tech-Loaded Interior: Inside the 2023 GR Supra, you’ll find a tech-loaded cabin that caters to modern drivers. The infotainment system features a responsive touchscreen display, offering seamless smartphone integration and access to various connectivity features. Additionally, advanced driver-assistance systems provide an extra layer of safety and convenience, enhancing the overall driving experience.
  4. Toyota Reliability: Toyota has built a solid reputation for reliability, and the GR Supra benefits from this heritage. Owning a Supra means having peace of mind, knowing that you’re backed by Toyota’s renowned reliability and durability. With proper maintenance and care, the Supra is likely to provide you with years of trouble-free ownership.


  1. Limited Cargo Space: As a sports car, the GR Supra’s focus is on performance rather than practicality. Consequently, it comes with limited cargo space. The trunk is compact, and you may find it challenging to accommodate larger items or multiple pieces of luggage. If you prioritize cargo-carrying capacity, you may need to consider other options.
  2. Limited Rear Seat Space: While the GR Supra technically offers a rear seat, it’s not designed for regular adult use. The limited legroom and headroom in the back may make it uncomfortable for taller passengers on longer journeys. If you frequently have rear-seat passengers or need a vehicle with more spacious accommodations, the Supra’s limited rear-seat space may be a drawback.
  3. Interior Customization Options: The level of interior customization options in the GR Supra is somewhat limited. While the standard interior is well-appointed and driver-focused, there may be a lack of choices when it comes to personalizing the cabin. If you value extensive customization to match your preferences, you may find the options limited compared to some competitors.
  4. Higher Price Tag: The GR Supra falls into the premium sports car segment, which means it comes with a higher price tag compared to some other vehicles in its class. While the performance and features justify the cost for many enthusiasts, it’s essential to consider your budget and weigh the value the Supra offers against its price.

The 2023 Toyota GR Supra impresses with its exhilarating performance, striking design, and tech-loaded interior. However, it’s important to be aware of its limitations, such as limited cargo space, rear-seat accommodations, and interior customization options. If you prioritize performance, style, and Toyota’s reliability, the GR Supra may be an excellent choice for you. Consider your specific needs and preferences when making your decision, and take a test drive to experience the thrill of the GR Supra firsthand.

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