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HD Night Vision Glasses for Driving (Unboxing and Review) on Everyman Driver

Today we take a closer look and unboxing of a pair of HD Polarized Anti-glare Night Driving Glasses by a company called SOXICK.

Product description

Features & Benefits:
1. Lightweight comfort guarantees you won’t have a headache from using.
2. Removes over 99% of ultraviolet-a/b rays.
3. Cuts glare from street lamps and headlights
4. Effectively against the strong light and enhance driving safety at night
5. The memorial plastic technology from USA makes its density to reach 1.12-1.14,
which up to the standard of third generation technology.

Remarks: Our night vision glasses are for the purpose to weaken the strong light stimulus from
vehicles from the opposite side but not to eliminate all light.
But no worry to use it in rainy and foggy days for it will brighten the surrounding scenery.

1. Put the glasses in front of LCD screen and look through the lens.
2. Turn the glasses 45 degrees.
3. You will notice the color has changed. The light coming through should have been blocked,
this means the lenses are polarized.
4. Note: Only the yellow night vision lenses are for regularly using at night.

Package Includes:
1. Glasses*1
2. High-End Spectacle Case*1
3. Soft Cleaning Cloth*1
4. Soft Glasses Pouch*1
5. Instructions*1
6. Service card*1

Additional Details:

  • Aluminum Magnesium frame
  • Anti-reflective lens
  • Polarized
  • Lens width: 64 millimeters
  • Polarized yellow lenses reduce night driving glare and eye strain, enhance night vision, improve color clarity and optical definition, enable to see better when driving at night or cloudy, rainy days, making driving safer. The night glasses will enhance retina protection, keep your eyes healthy and clear.
  • Aluminum magnesium frame with flexible arms will fit different faces (As in Figure 5). The spring arms are available to stretch out for 10 degrees, which ensure the comfort of wearing and withstand fallen off. (As in Figure 6).
  • Wears comfortable, 57% lighter than traditional glass (Only 28g). Nose pad is adjustable.
  • They are perfect for night driving, foggy, cloudy, rainy days driving and outdoor sports wear, and they can effectively enhance the bright color, clarity, so that the surrounding scenery is brighter and clear for safer driving.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Please just let us know if you’re not happy with your purchase within 30 days, and we’ll take care of you. You have no risk to try. Choose us, choose safety. Your family is welcoming you driving home safely. Meanwhile we shall remind you the properly high beam using for the drivers facing you may not wear our Night Vision Driving Glasses yet.

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