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Fastest Sellers in March: Large SUVs, Alternative-Fuel Cars on Everyman Driver

According to the latest iSeeCars monthly analysis, the fastest-selling new cars in March were mainly full-size SUVs and alternative-fuel vehicles, including newly released hybrids and plug-ins. For used cars, the list was dominated by luxury and sports cars.

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iSeeCars analyzed 1.5 million new and used cars sold in March to determine the hottest vehicles that sold the quickest from dealer lots.  Here are last month’s top 10 fastest-selling new and used cars: (the full list of 20 vehicles is included in the study):

Key Findings Included:

  • The Chevrolet Corvette leads the list of fastest-selling new vehicles for the third consecutive month 
  • Alternative fuel vehicles, led by Toyota and Lexus models as well as multiple  newly-released models, are rising in demand in both the new and used market and sell faster than the average car
  • Full-size and luxury SUVs comprise majority of fastest-selling new car list
  • Luxury vehicles and sports cars dominate fastest-selling used car list

The study also includes:

  • Top 20 fastest-selling new and used cars
  • List of fastest-selling new and used alternative-fuel vehicles

The full study can be found here.

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