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Bluetooth Car Charger With Siri & Google Voice Control GoVoce VC 100 on Everyman Driver

When you are driving, you do not need to be distracted to move your hand to tap the device. You can directly say voice commands, answer calls and listen to music. The voice receiving distance can reach 5M, and the passengers in the back seat can also control it. GoVoce VC 100 supports Siri & Google Voice Assistant. A brand-new experience makes your driving easier and safer.

Govoce VC100 car charger could recognize your voice accurately and transfer it into commands to your cellphone and let the voice assistant do the work through internet.You’ll be surprised that there are so many things you can do and enjoy on the way.

GoVoce VC100 Car Charger Works With Lots Of Different Apps ,Which Is Already Have Done Integration With Siri Or Google Assistant

No Matter You Speaker English, German, Japanese Or Other Language, VC100 Will Listen To You And Response In The Language You Speak And Do The Work For You

GoVoce VC100 has Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to enjoy high-res music in the car. The voice control car charger allows anyone in the car to play music by voice. And the offline commends allow you to do operations without through voice assistant: make a call, answer a call, hang up, pause playback, switch to the previous song, switch to the next song, volume up and down.

The far-field sound recognition feature allows you to drive without manually clicking.Make and receive calls by simple voice commands. Noise cancellation and precise voice recognition technology can more clearly identify your voice content and remain call quality.

When you are driving, there is no need to click manually. The excellent voice recognition features of GoVoce VC100 allows you to wake up Siri or Google Voice Assistant to navigate. So you can focus on driving to ensure your safety.

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