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2020 SUVs to AVOID and Better Choices

Large SUVs that can carry the family, tow a trailer, and fit a month’s worth of groceries can easily be found at most car dealerships. But it’s not so simple to find one that’s reliable, comfortable, and safe. Even though it may seem like everyone is driving the same SUV, popularity doesn’t equal a smart choice. We present alternatives to the vehicles you may be seeing all around town.

Popular vehicles tend to fall into three camps: models from brands people trust, models from brands that have a broad dealer network, and mediocre models that have been priced to move or are pushed in droves through rebates, low-interest financing, and attractive leases.

The challenge is to separate the winners from the cars to avoid. All the large SUVs we highlight below sell so well that there’s a variety of models on dealer lots to choose from, some with tempting discounts. Below we focus on a popular model that should be skipped and present two alternatives.


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