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What’s New with 2024 Ram 2500HD on Everyman Driver

In the past, heavy-duty pickups like the Ram 2500 were primarily used for commercial purposes. However, as travel trailers and boats became larger and more complex, consumers needed vehicles that could handle the task of hauling them. This is where the Ram 2500 found its niche in the personal and dual-use markets and has thrived ever since. The Ram 2500 lineup’s towing and hauling capabilities rival the best offerings from Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC. Additionally, it offers two capable all-terrain trims, the Rebel and Power Wagon, giving it an advantage when the road ends. Most critics also praise the Ram 2500 for having the best interiors in its segment. Available in rear or four-wheel-drive configurations with various cab and bed-length options, the Ram 2500 can accommodate a wide range of customers.

Buyers of the Ram 2500 can choose between gasoline or diesel power. The standard 6.4-liter V8 gasoline engine delivers 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. For those who tow heavy trailers, the optional Cummins six-cylinder turbodiesel, while having lower horsepower, produces an impressive 850 lb-ft of peak torque, making it a top choice.

Off-road enthusiasts will find the Rebel and Power Wagon appealing. Both models offer increased ground clearance compared to the standard 2500 models, along with Bilstein dampers and larger all-terrain tires. The Power Wagon goes a step further with electronic locking front and rear differentials.

Ram understands the importance of a high-quality cabin for customers who tow valuable trailers, boats, and off-road equipment. As a result, consumer-oriented versions of the Ram 2500 come with rich leather-trimmed interiors, 12-inch portrait-oriented touchscreens, and powerful Harman Kardon audio systems. The comfortable ride quality is further enhanced by the Ram’s standard coil-spring or optional air-spring rear suspensions.

While heavy-duty pickups are commonly associated with commercial use, the 2024 Ram 2500 proves to be a versatile vehicle equally suited for high-end personal use. It can be customized to meet various preferences, from basic to luxurious configurations, and it’s capable of towing up to 20,000 pounds when properly equipped. The Ram 2500 carries over unchanged for the 2024 model year.

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