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Should You Buy An E-Bike on Everyman Driver

Buying an electric bike should be an enjoyable, interactive process. After all, riding electric bikes has proven to be both a healthy activity and a fun one. However, for both avid or novice bicyclists who are considering the switch to an electric bike, it is important to first understand the key differences between a standard bicycle and an electric bike as well as the benefits of electric bikes. How do you do that? By asking some key questions about how and why you want to switch, and why an electric bike would make your life easier.

1. How will you be using the electric bike?

Before even considering buying an electric bike, you first need to answer this question. How will you be using the e-bike? That is to say, under what conditions will you be riding the electric bike? Will you be traveling short distances frequently? Will you need your e-bike for long rides? What are the road conditions going to be like? Some electric bikers solely use their e-bikes for riding on paved roads, while others use them for rough terrain. Also, keep in mind the elevation change that you will encounter. These questions will all help inform the best type of e-bike for your situation.

2. What goal do you want to achieve with the electric bike?

Some people switch to electric bikes because they allow them to travel more places. Some people like the escape out into nature. Others are looking for a great alternative to a car or public transportation when commuting to work. An increasing number of people are looking for new ways to live more environmentally-friendly lifestyles, and they see electric bikes as a great option. Whichever of these reasons is drawing you to electric bikes, make sure you are identifying your motivating factor and setting achievable goals for your switch to an e-bike routine.

3. Where is the best place to buy an electric bike?

Finding an e-bike for sale in a random store is not a recommended way for buying an electric bike. Instead, you should always look for e-bikes being sold by reputable websites or stores. Sure, you may be able to find an e-bike for sale at your local Walmart, but that is a risky place to buy one because the sales associates probably are not educated on the product and the selection and quality are probably poor. The best places to look when buying an electric bike are specialty bike shops or websites that are staffed with knowledgeable employees who can assist you with all of your e-bike questions and get you fitted for the best model for your needs.

4. How reputable is the e-bike brand?

There is a reason brands exist—without them, consumers would have a difficult time differentiating good products from bad products. Because of branding, you can know that if one company is reputable, any product with their brand on it will likely be just as high quality. It works this way in every industry, including electric bikes. Do your research and ensure that you are only looking at reputable, respected, quality brands in the industry, such as Himiway Bikes.

5. How powerful and long-lasting is the battery?

The battery is arguable the most important aspect of an electric bike. It is literally the single feature that differentiates an e-bike from a traditional bicycle. When buying an electric bike, do some research and ensure that the battery is the best offered. Some batteries last longer than others, some produce more power and hold charges longer and recharge quicker. Essentially, the battery is what helps determine the best electric bikes from the worst. All Himiway bikes are equipped with 48-volt Samsung lithium-ion batteries, fully charging in as little as six hours and providing more than 45 miles of range.

6. Will this e-bike suit my lifestyle long-term?

The last thing you want to happen when you make a big purchase like an electric bike is for your lifestyle or interests to change and then the bike ends up sitting in a storage shed or garage or basement collecting dust. Buying an electric bike is both a commitment and an investment. You are committing your time and energy, but you are also investing in your own health and endurance and happiness. Before you make a purchase, conduct an audit of your current situation and try to forecast what your future will look like. Is this something you are ready to commit to? By no means does buying an electric bike mean you need to ride it every single day to make the purchase worth it, but you need to have some foresight to ensure you are making a smart decision.

With these six questions answered, your experience buying an electric bike will be far greater than seeing an e-bike for sale and blindly making the purchase. Knowing how you will be using the electric bike, the goals you want to achieve with it, the best place to buy an electric bike, the importance of a reputable e-bike brand, the strength and longevity of the battery, and the long-term benefits of an electric bike are all critical to making a smart buying decision. The next time you see an e-bike for sale, you will be confident that you are equipped with the knowledge for a positive experience.

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