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You Need A Car Seat Gap Organizer on Everyman Driver

Isn’t it annoying how easily things can get lost down the side of your car seat? This is why you need a car seat gap filler. Whether it’s your smartphone or one of the french fries you’ve been snacking on while driving. Things tend to slip from your grasp, and when you’re in the car, they inevitably slide down the side of the seat, just beyond reach.

Consider the Litomor Car Seat Gap Organizer for the following reasons:

  1. Increased in-car storage space: bills, laptop computers, books, mobile phones, parking card ,etc. can be placed inside.
  2. Novelty and unique appearance; prevent items dropping from seat gap.
  3. High quality leather made. Fits for the space between different vehicle models.
  4. Suitable for most cars, simply slide between seat pocket and console until you find a nice snug spot.
  5. Two seat leather storage box: one for the driver and another for the passenger.

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