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2020 Chevy Bolt or 2020 Tesla Model 3 on Everyman Driver

The Chevrolet Bolt is an excellent example of the strengths of an electric vehicle platform. It’s quick and quiet and, of course, it creates no air pollution as it cruises along. What’s more, the Bolt has surprising interior space for a vehicle that looks small from the outside. And for the 2020 model year, Chevrolet updated the Bolt’s battery pack, increasing its capacity without changing its size. The result is an increase in total range to an impressive 259 miles. But considering the current number of EV’s available in the marketplace, can the Bolt continue to compete? See the video below to learn more.

What’s new with the Bolt:

  • Small changes to standard and optional equipment
  • Gains 21 miles in range, with an EPA estimate of 259 miles
  • New, higher-definition rearview and surround-view cameras
  • Part of the first Bolt generation introduced for 2017

Pros & Cons with the Bolt:

  • Impressive 259 miles of range
  • Cabin is spacious
  • Quick acceleration and nimble handling for an EV
  • Nationwide availability
  • Interior looks and feels cheaper than most
  • Front seats are narrow and lack cushion depth
  • Ride comfort loses its polish on rougher roads
  • Touchscreen has no built-in navigation maps

Chevrolet Bolt EV ($36k – $41k) vs. Tesla Model 3 ($38k – $55k)

Owning a Tesla Model 3 is certainly not boring. Between the periodic software updates, a nationwide charging network, and whatever Elon Musk decides to tweet on any given day, it’s a unique ownership experience that brings excitement to this affordable EV. The Model 3 offers a striking interior, athletic performance, and 250 miles of range in its most basic version.

The Chevrolet Bolt is a competent EV that undercuts the Model 3 on price. It’s also fairly fun to drive, though not as much as the Model 3. Tesla also has an advantage with its nationwide fast-charging infrastructure, which Chevrolet lacks. But as a cheaper, less flashy EV alternative, the Bolt is a solid choice.

Consumer Reviews & Feedback on Bolt:

Margaret – LT 4dr Hatchback (electric DD) You should know your driving habits and needs. If you do lots of 50 to 150 trips on a daily basis, then this is an economical and environmental best option. The ride is smooth, and the cab and seat really comfortable. It is easy to care for charging if you set up for type 2 at your home. I drive this car daily under all winter conditions and feel very stable and safe.

Rivak – LT 4dr Hatchback (electric DD) The EPA rates my Bolt EV at 259, but I have been consistently hitting 270 miles per charge with a mix 70 highway miles and 40 urban miles. The car is comfortable, cool looking in my opinion and a wonderful, reliable vehicle. Best of all, I enjoy passing by gas stations.

Allen B. – Premier 4dr Hatchback (electric DD) I couldn’t be more impressed overall with this car. I’ve had it for 2000 miles, and have grown to prefer it to the Tesla 3 that my wife drives. Yeah, it lacks premium interior feel and self-driving tech, but it’s somehow a bit more fun to drive. Not plush seating, but not uncomfortable either — I don’t have any issue with seats, and I’ve done days where I use up the 200+ miles. Frankly, when I have the choice of Bolt v Tesla to drive around, I end up going in the Bolt. Zippy as hell, rock solid handling with low center of gravity, I’ve had the car up at 90MPH and it feels like my old BMW 3 series. The regenerative brake setting on the “L” driving mode makes one-pedal-driving very easy (and again — more so than the Tesla). I don’t know why Chevy didn’t include adaptive cruise control, and that is the one feature I miss most. But the benefits, great range, fun, and solid build of the Bolt have put it at the top of my list for preferred commuter car. I regularly do 50-100 miles a day and love not having to think about gas mileage while doing so. I look forward to future releases where I’m sure they will upgrade options for interior and high-end technology.

PK – Premier 4dr Hatchback (electric DD) If shopping for EV don’t miss at least trying the Bolt out. It is a much bigger car inside than out and does the job and more! Drives well. Interior is not luxurious but roomy. Excellent visibility. Easy to park. Superior turning radius. Range delivers as advertised and further. I routinely get 450km on single charge with city driving. No problems so far 👍

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