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  1. Hi Dave…Auto shopping to replace a 2000 4 Runner which I have loved…Narrowed my search to a Subaru outback 2016 3.6 and a Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 Turbo…Both fully loaded about the same price at just under $38,000…I’ve found your reviews very beneficial and enjoy watching..Wonder what your impressions/opinions are on my 2016 picks above?
    Hope to hear back if your time permits…
    Thanks Again for all your reviews!
    Michael in Seattle

    1. Hyundai Santa Fe… only because you’re use to the 4Runner and I think that would be a smoother transition for you although the Subaru will probably give you the better off-road experience. Best wishes, Dave

      1. Big Dave…#1 added the Nissan Murano and Kia Sorento to my shopping list..But the configured Kia I’m drawn to I’d be paying $42,000…FOR A KIA..My friends say that’s crazy…LOL…Watched you off road experience with the 2014 Sorento…I’m still laughing..But applaud your ability to suppress so many 4 letter words…LOL…I was more impressed with that than the Kia in the snow…However you were asking it to do a lot..Finding your reviews extremely helpful…Not embarrassed to say….BROMANCE….LOL..THX, Michael…

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