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GMA T.50 First Look on Everyman Driver

This is the T50 Supercar by Gordon Murray Automotive. At just over 980kg the T50 is the lightest Supercar ever made. It is powered by the most power dense naturally aspirated V12 ever created that revs to 12,100rpm developing over 660bhp! The T50 supercar will be the highest-revving, highest power density, lightest and fastest-responding naturally-aspirated V12 ever made for a road car And guess what… it’s all operated through a manual gearbox!

Gordon Murray has 20 years experience as an engineer in Formula 1, creating championship winning solutions for teams such as McLaren and Brabham and subsequently proceeded to develop the McLaren F1 – widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest road cars ever created. The T50 uses ground effect technology developed by Gordon in F1 – an aerodynamic innovation that vastly enhances downforce and efficient air flow around the car without the need for excessive wings on the bodywork of the car, allowing for it’s uncluttered design

The following short excerpt is from our friends at MotorTrend.com – From Almost 30 years ago, Formula 1 race car designer Gordon Murray rewrote the supercar rule book. His light and compact McLaren F1—powered by a 6.1-liter BMW V-12 engine that developed 618 hp and with the driver situated in the middle of a three-passenger cabin—was at the time the fastest and most responsive street-legal supercar ever built. Today, powertrains with 700 hp or more and dual-clutch transmissions that guarantee 0-60 mph acceleration times of less than three seconds and top speeds of more than 200 mph are pretty much the price of entry to the 21st century supercar club. But Gordon Murray’s new car, the 2021 GMA T.50, is about to rewrite the rule book all over again.

Like the McLaren F1, the GMA T.50 will be light, compact, and have a powerful, high-revving naturally aspirated V-12 engine. It will also have room for three, with the driver at the center of the cockpit. Just 100 will be made, and you’ll need to spend $3 million, plus tax, to own one. But it is more than just a modern tribute to the F1: “I want this to be the ultimate driver’s car,” Murray says. Continue reading…

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