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First Review: 2024 INEOS Grenadier Trialmaster (Video Demo) On-Road and Off-Road on Everyman Driver

Introducing the 2024 Ineos Grenadier: A Rugged Throwback to Classic Off-Roaders

The all-new 2024 Ineos Grenadier is set to make a grand entrance into the world of off-road SUVs, drawing inspiration from the iconic Land Rover Defender. This unapologetically tough midsize luxury SUV starts at a base price of $73,100 and is engineered to tackle the roughest terrains with ease.

Design and Capability
At nearly 16.5 feet in length, the Grenadier matches the size of the non-electric Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade but stands out with a significantly longer wheelbase that enhances interior space. Although it’s nearly two feet shorter than the Chevrolet Suburban, the Grenadier competes closely in terms of first and second-row legroom and offers superior headroom in the second and third rows. While it can’t beat the Suburban in cargo space and third-row legroom, the Grenadier excels in efficiency and clean emissions, thanks to its electric drivetrain.

High-Performance Partnerships
The Grenadier’s performance is bolstered by collaborations with top industry names including BMW for the drivetrain, ZF for the transmission, and Brembo for the brakes, ensuring that it’s equipped to handle any challenge off-road. The vehicle’s rugged design sacrifices some creature comforts, but options like carpet, leather seating, and heated seats are available for those who prefer a touch of luxury alongside robust functionality.

What’s New for 2024
The Grenadier debuts as a nod to classic off-roading vehicles but with modern enhancements such as a separate ladder frame, solid axles, and a mechanical transfer case that underscore its old-school appeal. Despite its traditional components, the vehicle is designed to excel in off-pavement conditions without the modern frills. Additionally, Ineos is expanding its lineup with the North American introduction of the Grenadier Quartermaster truck and plans for a fully electric Ineos Fusilier.

Pricing and Trims
The Grenadier comes in three trims, starting with the base model at $73,100. The Trialmaster Edition and Fieldmaster Edition, both starting at $80,790, offer enhancements in either off-road capabilities or luxury features. For those needing robust off-road features without the luxury price tag, the Trialmaster Edition includes front/rear locking differentials and a raised air intake among other rugged specifications.

Performance and Handling
Powered by BMW’s 282-horsepower turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine, the Grenadier is capable but not particularly fast, with a 0-60 mph time of 8.6 seconds. The robust ladder frame and high ground clearance make it ideal for off-roading, though these features may compromise ride quality on smoother roads.

Fuel Economy and Practicality
Fuel efficiency is not the Grenadier’s strong suit, with an estimated 15 mpg in combined driving conditions, placing it at the lower end of its class. However, its spacious interior and the potential for hosing out the cabin after a muddy adventure might appeal to those who prioritize utility over economy.

Interior and Tech
Inside, the Grenadier combines practicality with comfort. The control setup, reminiscent of an airliner’s cockpit, features an array of switches and knobs that may overwhelm some but will surely delight traditionalists. The vehicle accommodates up to five passengers across two rows, with cargo space that rivals the best in its segment.

Looking Ahead
As Ineos steps into the competitive midsize luxury SUV market with the Grenadier, it faces stiff competition from established models like the Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Lexus GX. However, with its unique blend of classic off-road capabilities and modern engineering, the Grenadier is poised to carve out a niche among enthusiasts and adventurers looking for a vehicle that’s as functional as it is historical.

Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a luxury SUV shopper with an adventurous streak, the 2024 Ineos Grenadier offers a compelling mix of old-world charm and modern performance, making it a vehicle worth watching as it rolls out across North America.

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