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Car Ownership Numbers Are In on Everyman Driver

People are keeping their cars longer than ever before thanks to rising new car prices and the improved reliability of today’s vehicles. However, a new iSeeCars analysis finds that some cars are kept for far longer than others.

On average, people keep their new cars for 6-7 years. But which vehicles are most often kept by original owners for double this average for 15+ years?

To find out, iSeeCars analyzed over 660,000 cars to determine which models are most likely kept by owners for 15 years or more

Top 10 Vehicles Owners Keep for 15 Years or Longer
RankVehicle% 15+-Year-Old Cars Kept by Original Owners Compared to Average
1Toyota Prius13.7%2.2x
2Toyota Highlander12.4%2.0x
3Toyota Tacoma11.6%1.9x
4Toyota Sienna11.5%1.9x
5Toyota Tundra11.3%1.8x
6Honda CR-V10.7%1.8x
7Honda Pilot10.4%1.7x
8Subaru Forester9.8%1.6x
9Toyota 4Runner9.4%1.5x
10Toyota Sequoia9.1%1.5x
Overall Average6.1%

Key findings include:

  • Toyota Prius is the vehicle most owners keep for 15+ years, 2.2x more than the average car
  • The top 10 longest-kept cars are exclusively Japanese models led by Toyota
  • Longest-kept cars are from Toyota, Honda, and Subaru 

As part of the comprehensive study, iSeeCars also analyzed the following:

  • Analysis by vehicle type: SUVs, pickup trucks, and sports cars
  • How likely the most popular vehicles in the U.S. are kept for 15 years
  • Which car brands are kept by their owners for 15 years?

The full study can be found here. 

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