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2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport (Video) Review on Everyman Driver

In 2024, Volkswagen unveiled an updated iteration of the Atlas Cross Sport, which serves as the sportier counterpart to the standard three-row VW Atlas. Unlike some luxury SUVs that sacrifice rear headroom and cargo space for a “coupe-like” design while inflating the price tag, the Cross Sport retains its practicality without a significant cost increase. It caters to individuals who don’t require a third row of seats.

The Atlas Cross Sport initially joined the VW lineup in 2020 and quickly gained acclaim in its segment for its comfortable interior and smooth ride. This year, it underwent a subtle facelift, featuring refreshed styling and a more powerful four-cylinder engine that replaced the previous six-cylinder option. Additionally, the 2024 model comes with several features that were previously available as options, such as ventilated front seats, three-zone climate control, and adaptive cruise control.

In the realm of two-row SUVs, the Atlas Cross Sport competes admirably with popular models like the Honda Passport. While the Jeep Grand Cherokee distinguishes itself with off-road prowess and a plug-in hybrid variant, the smaller Toyota Venza excels in hybrid efficiency.

Each of these rivals has its unique strengths, but the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport stands as a well-rounded choice that meets most essential requirements. Its main drawback lies in its somewhat finicky touch controls, but apart from that, it garners few significant criticisms.

The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport features a refreshed exterior, showcasing a new front fascia and headlights. The previous year’s four- and six-cylinder engines have been replaced with a more potent turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant. Inside, you’ll find an upgraded infotainment system with a larger touchscreen, along with standard ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and improved interior materials.

For those seeking a five-passenger SUV, the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport presents a compelling option. Like the Honda Passport, it’s thoughtfully designed for practicality in everyday use. Meanwhile, the Passport extends its appeal with a TrailsSport trim tailored for light off-roading. The Jeep Grand Cherokee caters to those with a desire for more robust off-road capabilities. As for the stylish Toyota Venza hybrid, while it may not match its peers in practicality, it excels in fuel efficiency.

The lower roofline of the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport adds a touch of style to the already versatile Atlas midsize SUV. Its primary downsides are the somewhat cumbersome climate control system controls and modest performance. Nevertheless, it remains an enticing choice for families seeking a spacious and comfortable ride.

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