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2024 Cadillac XT4 Videos and Review on Everyman Driver

The 2024 model year brings a significant overhaul to the Cadillac XT4, featuring a striking redesign that encompasses refreshed exterior styling. This includes updated grille designs, newly designed headlights, and distinctive 18- and 20-inch alloy wheels. Enhanced safety features are integrated, and the interior receives a refresh with the introduction of a new 33-inch LED display.

Despite its position as one of the more affordable models in the Cadillac lineup, the XT4 doesn’t compromise on high-tech features and luxurious amenities. The 2024 updates align the exterior design with the broader Cadillac range, incorporating styling elements reminiscent of the new electric Lyriq and CT5 sport sedan.

Stepping inside the cabin, the focal point is the all-new 33-inch LED color touchscreen display. Boasting an impressive 9K resolution and a customizable interface, this elegantly curved display is oriented towards the driver for optimal convenience. The interior ambiance exudes a premium quality, and each trim level boasts its own distinct interior style. The XT4 maintains its reputation for providing a spacious and comfortable cabin, along with a roomy cargo area that meets the expectations of a compact crossover.

Cadillac offers the XT4 with a choice of front- or all-wheel drive configurations. Regardless of trim level—be it Luxury, Premium Luxury, or Sport—all variants are equipped with a responsive turbocharged engine that churns out 235 horsepower, mated to a smooth nine-speed automatic transmission. Performance is impressive, and the XT4’s compact dimensions make it maneuverable in tight urban spaces and agile on the open road, particularly when equipped with the optional active sport suspension.

As part of the package, the XT4 comes equipped with the comprehensive Cadillac Smart System suite, which includes advanced driver-assist features. Among these are features such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, rear cross-traffic alert and braking, and lane-keeping assist. Stepping into the competitive realm of premium compact crossovers, the Cadillac XT4 embodies the luxurious heritage and performance expected from the brand. The style and feature updates introduced for the 2024 model year are poised to bolster its ongoing success.

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