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2020 Tesla Model Y Quick Take on Everyman Driver

The Tesla Model Y is the American electric vehicle brand’s foray into the competitive luxury SUV segment, and it is a stellar addition to the pack. The Model Y’s electric motor provides instantaneous power, giving the small crossover rapid acceleration. It has an EPA electric range of 315 miles, which is competitive with gas-powered rivals. Technologically, it’s a marvel, with semi-autonomous driving abilities and innovative safety features.


  • Spacious and modern interior with great features
  • One of the quickest small SUVs available
  • More economical than any hybrid
  • Seating for seven in a pinch


  • Higher starting price than non-EV competition
  • Recharging takes more time than filling a gas tank
  • Some luxury rivals offer more opulent interiors

Shoppers looking to get into a compact luxury SUV should take a long, hard look at the Tesla Model Y. Its blend of driving performance, a versatile and roomy cabin, standard driver safety assists, and available self-driving tech make it a wonderful choice. The all-electric world of driving means not being able to stop at the nearest gas pump when the tank runs low. Shoppers should be ready to scope out local recharging stations, or even have one added to their home garage. Assuming access to electricity is not an issue, the Model Y makes for a great family vehicle. Its available third-row of seating is rare in the compact class. Overall, the Model Y is a compelling, fun to drive view into the future of motoring.

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