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Thrilling Videos – How to Make ‘Em!

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I shoot and edit car and truck videos.  Everything from SUVs, Crossovers, Coupes and Sedans. To Trucks, Hatchbacks, and MiniVans.  My name is Dave Erickson, and I am here to give you a couple of tips at how you can make professional car videos for your YouTube channel, but also some other kinds of entertaining clips that people generally don’t think of!

Down to the Basics

It seems to me that lately there has been a flood of videos posted up that have some cool stuff in them, but you have to wait until a min of boring roadway goes by before you get to the good stuff, or the video was taken on an iphone in the vertical position.

There are two pieces of advice I always give people who ask for guidance on how to start their careers in this world. Number one is: Consider starting with your own cars. My second piece of advice: Don't be afraid to write for an outlet whose primary benefit is exposure, and not money.

Other Types of Videos

There is, however, an entire segment of videos that are poorly uploaded on YouTube but which present a great opportunity to each and every aspiring YouTuber. I talk, of course, about casino videos.

You may wonder – why would anyone watch a game of, say, blackjack, when they can simply go to a casino and play it? That is where you’re wrong, my friend. Consider sports – a lot of people follow sports even when there’s not a single thought in their head telling them to pick up a ball and go play. Once you have that figured out, it is easy why people would watch a video as opposed to actively participate in an activity that they’re working on.

Watching a YouTube clip is safe – it prevents actual money loss. However, a video’s primary virtue is also its greatest flaw; it prevents you from feeling the actual thrill of the game. It is a lot like storm chasing. Sure, you’re all nice and safe, but until there’s actual money on the table, there’s a lot that’s being missed out.

Now, remember that most casinos aren’t huge fans of having people record. If you ever plan to make a YouTube video about gambling, make sure you’re allowed to do so by the casino itself. Anything else could be interrupted as a major breach of house rules and you may be banned from the establishment. That on itself would be a major blow against your own YouTube channel – after all, no casino owner of repute would want to have a troublemaker in his casino!

Now, how to make a good video? You can’t make a good YT video if you don’t familiarize yourself with casino games. How on earth do you plan to shoot a video on, say, roulette, if you have no idea how the wheel spins or where the ball is supposed to land? What tips and hints could you possible give? That is why you need to utilize extreme caution when you plan to shoot and give advice.

Now, where to start? Let us assume that you don't know how to actually play casino games – if you're in such a situation, you can't go wrong if you win real money blackjack. Just try a couple of rounds until you get the feel of the game. That is the best way to go!


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