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The SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas

The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas attracts the most hardcore car enthusiasts all over the world and transforms the US’ largest gaming city into a 4-day outlet of modified cars. The recently-concluded car show last November brought about 140,000 attendees from over 130 countries, showcased more than 2,400 exhibitors, and featured over 1,500 modified vehicles.

The SEMA Car Show uses about 1.10 million net square foot as its exhibit space for outdoor and indoor activities. In order to make sure that all the products are shown to every attendee, the show’s management developed an app that contained the pictures of everything on display.

Each year, the SEMA Car Show grows bigger and bigger. According to Chris Kersting, SEMA’s chief executive, the growth that the car show experiences on an annual basis is a sign that many people would still spend good money on cars just to improve them.

“In 2013, consumers bought more than $33.4 billion in non-repair and replacement parts and accessories to personalize their cars, trucks and S.U.V.s,” said Kersting, “And it was a 19.7 percent increase since the recession ended in 2009.”

Kersting said that one of the things that help drive the growth of the car show is the street performance section. Street performances include products that greatly enhance the performance of sports cars such as exhaust systems, induction kits, and superchargers. Kersting added that the section has gained tremendous growth since more than a decade ago and now makes up about $10 billion in car show sales.

Big car shows like SEMA are necessary events that keep Las Vegas’ gaming industry in operation. They act as leverage against the more progressive online casinos, which give not only comfort but also attractive freebies such as free game spins at the slot machines to guests. Online gaming sites have become the more popular entertainment outlets particularly because of gimmicks that give more bang for the buck.

This year’s SEMA Show will be held on November 3 – 6. Check out some of the best modified cars featured in the 2014 SEMA Show below.

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