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Everyman Driver: Seattle Volvo Owners Can Use an App for Fuel or Wash

Seattle, Washington is the next stop for Volvo’s expanding digital ecosystem, which connects car owners with convenience services via a smartphone App. With Volvo’s unique connected car platform and strategic partnerships with companies such as Filld and STRATIM, filling the tank or having the car cleaned is just a few taps away. The ordered services can be completed while Volvo owners are working, sleeping, or even traveling abroad.


Seattle is the second city in Volvo’s growing digital ecosystem, arriving after a successful start in San Francisco. Owners of model year 2015.5 and newer Volvos are now able to order fuel and car wash services to wherever their car is parked in either city.

“First San Francisco, now Seattle, and soon many more Volvo owners will have access to concierge services via an App.” said Anders Gustafsson, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA, “This is another example of how we are using connected car technologies to make life less complicated for our customers.”

Volvo Cars is the only automaker with an ecosystem of connected technologies between the cloud, the car, and the owner’s cell phone that integrates third party companies into one seamless experience. Development of this ecosystem has accelerated with new investments in Volvo’s Mountain View digital center and recent technology acquisitions including Luxe. New services will be added to the ecosystem over time as customer demands evolve. Volvo invites new companies that provide timesaving services to customers to join Volvo’s digital ecosystem.

“The ecosystem that powers Volvo Concierge Services is unique to Volvo. It shows how the company is redefining the consumer experience around convenience by leveraging technological building blocks from the car to mobile” Said Atif Rafiq, Chief Digital Officer of Volvo Cars, “We are at an exciting time when cars can be better integrated into daily life, and right now Volvo is at forefront of innovating on a range of conveniences that will leverage our technology advantage.”


When connected through a mobile device, Volvo’s digital ecosystem provides a time-specific location of the vehicle so authorized partners can provide the requested services, such as fueling or wash.

For a limited time in Seattle, Volvo owners will have exclusive access to the Filld consumer mobile refueling service before Filld rolls out its offering to all other vehicles.

Seattle area Volvo owners are invited to join the program online at:

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