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Redesigned ‘Passo’ Compact Hatchback Launched in Japan on Everyman Driver

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Toyota Passo Compact Hatchback on Everyman Driver with Dave EricksonThe Passo’s fuel efficiency of 27.6 km/L represents an improvement of approximately 30 percent over the previous design and exceeds the fuel efficiency standards for 2015 set by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) by 20 percent. Additionally, with CO2 emissions of 84 g/km, the Passo now achieves emissions levels 75 percent lower than the 2005 standards established under MLIT’s Approval System for Low-Emission Vehicles, making it eligible for full tax reductions under the Japanese government’s tax incentive program. Thanks to their improved fuel efficiency, the four-wheel drive models are also eligible for tax reductions.

The Passo uses a newly-developed, more efficient 1.0-liter engine with a maximum thermal efficiency4 of 37 percent. This superior level of thermal efficiency was achieved by raising the engine’s compression ratio, optimizing valve timing, lowering friction, and using cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and an integrated exhaust manifold and cylinder head. In addition to improved aerodynamic performance and an enhanced regeneration system (which turns the energy of deceleration into stored battery power), the 1.0-liter two-wheel drive models5 also feature the Toyota Stop & Start System (which cuts off the engine at approximately 9 km/h when slowing to a stop) as standard.

In addition to the safety and security features common to all Passo models (Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control and Emergency Brake Signal system), high comfort specifications are also available, including automatic retractable side mirrors and front door windows with glass that reduces ultraviolet and infrared light.
Toyota aims to sell 5,000 units of the Passo per month.

Specially equipped Welcab models, with factory-installed features for the disabled and elderly, offer the same improvements6 as the base model, but also feature a new memory function that records lowered seat height, seat sliding positions and reclining angles when storing the seat. These models will go on sale in Japan in July.

The vehicle comes in two distinct designs: one for the “Passo X”7 and “Passo G”8 models, and another for the “Passo + Hana” model. The elongated headlamps and front bumpers on the Passo X and Passo G models emphasize the vehicle’s width and low center of gravity. The Passo + Hana models present a softer front profile: the upper grille and fog lamps are designed with round motifs and perfectly match the lower grille. Customizability is further enhanced through the availability of high-specification “G packages” for both the Passo X and Passo + Hana models.
Passo X and Passo G

Ten exterior colors are available, including Ruri Mica Metallic, a new color. The interior is colored primarily in mocha, while the heater control panel and gauge dials are coordinated in brown. Overall, the interior gives a laid-back, calming impression. The Passo X L package, Passo X G package and Passo G model feature the popular bench seat. Adding an extra touch of sophistication, the Passo X G package and Passo G model have a plated finish on the interior door handles, center air vent knobs and shift knob.
Passo + Hana

The rear combination lamps feature vibrant pink inner lenses. Door mirrors, exterior door handles and fog lamp bezels come with Shinju Pearl Mica accents. Nine exterior colors are available, including the Sakura Pearl Mica, a new color. In addition, there are three exclusive two-tone color options9 featuring Shinju Pearl Mica hub caps10, roof, and rear emblem.

The interior is primarily Ebony Brown, while the manual air-conditioning and dial-type heater control panel and gauge dials are Silky Gold and Brown, creating a distinctive color scheme. The interior has been designed down to the finest detail, with a Pink Gold finish added to the gauge dials and around the air-conditioning vents on both sides.

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