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Everyman Driver: Crossover Vs. Sport Utility Vehicle

By Steven Loveday --  These days it seems that many people don’t know the difference between a traditional sport utility vehicle (SUV) and a crossover. It’s not just average consumers that we are referring to; even salespeople and automakers have a tendency to blur the two terms. Part of the reason for

Everyman Driver: Preparing Your Car for Winter

The winter season can considerably influence driving conditions. In situations like this, drivers are more prone to accidents. It's critical to focus on cautious driving to protect yourself and keep your family. Safe driving also helps minimize your insurance rates while reducing wear and tear on your vehicle. 9309

Everyman Driver: 7 Fuel Saving Ideas

Everyman Driver: 7 Fuel Saving Ideas

We all love to complain about the price of fuel, and few of us understand the mysteries around the seemingly random increases and decreases in costs at the pump. There are things we can all do to improve our gas mileage, however, whether we drive a brand new car or