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Audi SQ7 Cameo in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War on Everyman Driver

Audi supercharged the relationship between vehicles and movie superheroes by supplying the wheels to Tony Stark in the first Iron Man film in 2008. In Marvel Entertainment’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War, opening May 6, Audi once again provides superhero transportation, but it’s the SQ7 taking center stage.


The first Iron Man featured an Audi R8, representing the peak of the carmaker’s technology, engineering and performance, and matching Stark’s technological acumen. The relationship between hero and machine was a perfect fit for the brand.

In the next two movies in the Iron Man franchise, Stark upped his game with the R8 Spyder and the electrically powered R8 e-tron – models also at the cutting edge of Audi performance capabilities, with race-proven technology and systems.

Audi SQ7 Cameo in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War on Everyman DriverWhile Stark also appears in Captain America: Civil War in the all-new Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe supercar, the climactic scene is a chase in which Captain America, played by Chris Evans, is behind the wheel of an SQ7.

Loren Angelo, director of marketing for Audi of America, said he thinks the SQ7 is ideal, because of its performance capabilities and technological sophistication, for the role of whisking Captain America through a spectacular scene in the film .

“It’s perfect to put our brand into these settings and be able to demonstrate how Audi is a component of the action and excitement that the Avengers represent,” Angelo said. “Whether it’s the SQ7 or A4 or R8, the brand is part of the story. Audiences see the four rings, and consumers have associated them with blockbuster movie action. The Avengers represent high-level technology, and Audi is the vehicle that carries them into the action as they are saving the world.”

news-2016-audi-captain-america-scarlett-johanssonAudi also is celebrating the SQ7’s role in the movie with its own television advertisement. In the longer, exclusive digital video called “The Chase,” a family in a Q7 has an unsuspecting role in the pursuit scene.

“It was a unique opportunity to play off one of the critical scenes in the movie,” Angelo said. “And we were able to release unique footage in our ad. It demonstrates how the Q7 can actually perform in every single challenge that’s thrown at it.”

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