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Everyman Driver: Does Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Matter When Buying a New Car?

Does Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Matter When Buying a New Car? Below is the feedback I got from Everyman Driver fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram plus a video I produced inside the 2017 Kia Sorento SXL AWD which is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible.


Michael Brunk It was a must-have for me… I bought two new vehicles this year and both of them have CarPlay and I use it daily no matter which one I’m driving.
Dan M. Jones Most of my customers with smartphones don’t even know what CarPlay or Android Auto are. When I tell them what it is they have a dumb founded look on their face.
Scott Kemp Not a must-have for me. It’s probably an amazing system but I’m simple and get along fine with normal Bluetooth. I got along fine with an Aux cord before that.
Rich Grover It is a must have and I have it in my VW Tiguan. I like Maps better on CarPlay than the VW navigation system.
Cecil Gregory Miller CD players need to comeback or at least as an option. There was a time when you could order a cd changer from alpine to fit in your car…. bring it back!!!!!
Daniel Sumpter It’s a nice feature but not a deal breaker. I prefer the look of the cars infotainment systems anyway.
Ed Millner CarPlay was must have. Zero cost navigation via Apple Maps. Direct connect (cord) to car speakers/mic w/o needing Bluetooth. Podcasts, Audible, text voice command. VW Golf TSI 2016.
Jason Boydston I rented a car with car play. It was ok, it is not a deal breaker if the car does not have it.
Jeff Donsbach Is. Not having is a huge negative.
Alyssa Raley Not a factor for me.

  • lilrennagadeIt IS a factor. Once you’ve had it in a car it’s hard to use other interfaces
  • magic1636While I do not have either at the moment it definitely is a factor for myself personally. I’m hoping by the end of December that I’ll be in a new vehicle.
  • tbrous76@everymandriver Yes it is a factor. It’s one of the main reasons why I chose my Elantra over the Corolla.
  • damoncrawleyCarPlay availability was a prime factor in my vehicle candidate list. If it didn’t offer it, I didn’t look at it. Now that I have it in my two-week old vehicle it and Siri hands free is so much easier to use.
  • northernlightsguyIt is an important feature for me!
  • mawhite86I’ve been holding off buying a car because I’m waiting to hear about Apple CarPlay integration.
  • rodericoslexusAA is a factor indeed !!!!!!
  • jsmbaseballI don’t have it yet, but it will be a factor in next purchase.
  • mjpsilverman65@everymandriver I held off buying my 2016 Kia Cerato (Forte) here in NZ for months till I was certain an Apple CarPlay software update was available. Wouldn’t have bought otherwise. I love it!
  • rusty_ford_ocIs NOT a factor. Just ordered a new truck with the capability, but will never use it until more apps become available, such as Waze and GasBuddy. iPhone mirroring would be much more useful.
  • fourwhldrve9Deal breaker
  • sykokoIs a factor. Specially if waze works on it
  • jaikarchatha@everymandriver have it on my 2017 grand Cherokee and I don’t like it so I don’t house it so no it’s not a deal breaker form me
  • bobby083I just purchased a 2018 Audi Q5. I wouldn’t have purchased the Q5 if it didn’t have the Apple CarPlay.
  • dkw50Kinda but wouldn’t be a deal breaker. Thankfully my 2017 Audi Q7 has it so didn’t have to decide.
  • coygaryIt totally is, that’s why I’m not getting the new Toyota C-HR.
  • scott_nortonAbsolute must!
For me, no. I think that it matters more and more to more people as time goes on ha. Reliability and utility are my biggest concerns.
As much as people say it’s a must have, I don’t think it matters. I still see so many people with their phone on their ears while driving when I know the car they’re driving at least as Bluetooth. So if people aren’t using Bluetooth, why would they use Apple Carplay or Android Auto? I think it’s a cool feature, but it’s not a must have in my future car’s infotainment system.
Not really. its super convenient because Siri performs better than awful built in car voice assistants.the UI is also more appealing and clean
It definitely is a factor for me. I rented a Ford Explorer recently and it had both onboard NAV and an option for Android Auto and Apple Car Play. I used Android Auto instead of the onboard NAV because finding addresses worked MUCH better with Android Auto. I also recently rented a Chrysler 300 and found myself doing the same thing. I have hesitated buying the 2018 Camry because the salesperson could not assure me it would be getting it in a future update. However, I had seen reporting from other YouTubers claiming that Toyota Corporate said Entune 3.0 would be able to add Android Auto and Apple Car Play in the future. When I pressed the salesperson about it she said, “It is under development but she was told to NOT make it a selling point since Toyota is working on eliminating some privacy issues contained in both.” I have no idea what privacy issues they are referring to as this is the first time I have heard a manufacturer make such a claim.
It does matter, i have two cars, Cadillac with CarPlay where the stock infotainment system is trash and 7 series where I missed CarPlay just by a year, second model year has CarPlay. Although BMW supports Siri, CarPlay gives you visual feedback for Siri which is important. Driving a different car every day having the same exact system is very helpful.
I purchased two 2017 Mitsubishi Outlanders this year and came with android auto and Apple car play and no CD player…at first i thought i was going to hate it not to be able to play CD’s but after watching youtube videos on how to use both apps…I find that its great to have…with android auto i can have google assistant to include GPS maps displayed on my screen so that is a major plus for me because i did not purchase any Nav systems with my cars….with Apple car play i can play all my music on my iphone which is also a plus and also use GPS so another plus…….but at the end…..would’ve loved to have that option of having a CD player in my cars…but I can get used to the new technology now included in new cars…thank you
I drive a 1991 Nissan Hardbody pickup. It doesn’t have anything like Apple Carplay or Android Auto, but it’s a least available as an aftermarket add-on with many car stereo manufacturers. If I were to buy a new car I would probably opt for it, for nothing else but to use Google Maps.
It’s 2017 – it’s time for all cars to have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
After using Apple Car Play for almost a year, I couldn’t buy a new car without it
If I am going to pay more than 30k, yes it matters.
Just bought a Santa Fe Sport (your review was a big help in that decision – thank you) with the tech package that includes Apple Car Play. The fact I could get ACP as an inexpensive option in the entry level trim was the main reason I went with this car over the CRV. I love using Apple Maps instead of in-car navigation which is usually hit or miss. And my wife, who is Japanese, likes that ACP will use her phone’s set language when she plugs in.
I just bought a Mazda CX-9 which doesn’t have it and thought I can do with current infotainment system then a little bit after I rented a car with with apple play and I will tell you I’m sorry I didn’t chose a car with it.
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